Four of the Best Types of Wood for Building

When it comes to building projects, the type of wood you choose can make or break the final result. Whether you’re constructing a new deck, making furniture, or building a house, you’ll want to choose the right wood for the job. Here at Armstrong Lumber in Corpus Christi, we’ve been helping customers with their projects for years, and we’ve come to recognize the four best types of wood for building: oak, pine, cedar, and Douglas fir.



Oak is a classic wood choice for construction, and it’s popular because of its strength and durability. Oak is a hardwood, which means it’s denser than softwood and resistant to wear and damage. It’s harder, stronger, and more durable than almost any other type of wood, and can last for decades with proper maintenance. Oak also takes stains and finishes well, so it can be used for a variety of projects. Both red and white oak are abundant in North America, making it very accessible and easy to source.

Projects Oak is Often Used For:

  • Oak is an incredibly strong wood that's resistant to wear and damage, which historically has made it an ideal choice for boatbuilding and making wine or whiskey barrels. Its characteristics also make it a popular choice for flooring, furniture, millwork, and cabinetry. Oak is one of the most common types of wood for cabinets, and it's even great for firewood. The better question might be what can’t oak be used for?


Pine is another popular choice for construction projects. It’s a softwood, which means it’s lighter than hardwoods, but it’s still strong and durable. In fact, it’s the versatility of pine that makes it so appealing for certain projects, including new constructions. It’s also more affordable than other woods, making it a great choice for budget-conscious projects. Pine has a reputation for being easy to work with and takes stains and finishes well, so it’s great for painting or staining projects.

Projects Pine is Often Used For:

  • Pine is a great option for a variety of projects, including rustic furniture, woodworking, wall paneling, and shelving. Pressure-treated pine is also a great choice for outdoor projects, such as decks. Whatever your project, this type of wood is sure to be a great choice.


Cedar is practically an essential choice for outdoor projects, such as decks and fences. It’s naturally lightweight and resistant to decay and insect damage, so it’s ideal for outdoor use. Cedar also has a pleasant aroma, which makes it a great choice for projects like outdoor furniture. In addition to smelling great, the oil in cedar helps to ward off insects, including termites. This natural ability to keep pests away means that you’ll likely spend much less maintaining cedar over the years to come. Something to keep in mind, however, is that due to its light weight and soft structure, beams made from cedar will also need to be bigger than what would be necessary from other species of wood.

Projects Cedar is Often Used For:

  • Cedar is an ideal choice for outdoor projects such as fences and decks, thanks to its natural properties which protect it from decay and insects. However, it's important to note that cedar may not stand up well over time when placed in the ground. Some older cedar and heartwood, however, can last for many years. Cedar is also great for lining closets and building dressers and chests.
Douglas Fir.jpg

Douglas Fir

Finally, Douglas fir is an excellent choice for construction projects. It’s a strong, durable wood that’s resistant to rot and insect damage. It’s also easy to work with, so it’s great for projects like framing and cabinetry. Douglas fir is also less expensive than other hardwoods, making it a great choice for budget-conscious projects.

Projects Fir is Often Used For:

  • Douglas fir is a common choice for construction projects in North America, thanks to its strength and durability. It's available in long lengths and can be easily cut with a construction saw blade. This type of wood is frequently used for building walls, ceilings, and floors in homes.

We’ll Help You Find the Perfect Lumber for Your Project

At Armstrong Lumber in Corpus Christi, we’re here to help you determine which wood is best for your project. Our experienced staff can help you evaluate your project’s needs, budget, and desired aesthetic, and then recommend the best wood for the job. We can also provide advice on the best finishes and stains for your wood, as well as any additional materials and tools you may need. We’ll make sure you have the right wood at the right price, so you can get started on your project as soon as possible.

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No matter what type of construction project you’re undertaking, you can’t go wrong with these four types of wood. Oak, pine, cedar, and Douglas fir are all strong, durable, and easy to work with, so you can be sure your project will turn out great. At Armstrong Lumber in Corpus Christi, we’re here to help you find the perfect wood for your project. Contact us today to see what we have to offer!

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